Items Wanted

Following is a list of specific items that our customers have asked us to help them find. If you have any military item from WW-1 or WW-2 that you wish to sell please contact us even if the items are not on this list. We buy individual items or whole collections.


1. Nazi police (Polizei) helmet with the large white swastika decal, helmet should be in good condition

2. Helmet not originally Luftschutz that has been reissued Luftschutz.
>>> (Examples:captured Allied helmet, M-16 style, police style, etc) good condition

3. WW-1 Italian or Austrian Breast Armor and helmet plates as associated to machine gunner or Sentry

4. Emblem that fits into the grip on a Hitler Youth knife.

5. Nice complete marked K98 cleaning kit

6. WW-1 US Doughboy helmet(s) with division insignia, or camouflage paint, or trench art

7. Buyer will pay handsomely for the "right" M-40 size 66 single decal Army helmet.

8. Double decal- transitional- Luftwaffe helmet

9. Original German Paratrooper Helmet. Paint must be original, liner optional.

10. stamped brass tricolor shield made by Assman and Sohne that went on the side ot the early fire police helmets and 1933 vulkanfiber helmets.

11. -We have a customer looking for a mint or near mint M35 DD police. Do you have one you might sell? He will pay handsomely for the right one


Do you have any of the items listed above? Please contact us and we will pass your information to the interested person.
We won't allow transactions that are unfairly priced (high or low) or items that appear to be fake.

-Want to add an item to the list?

-This list is to help collectors locate hard to find items. Items do not have to be helmets, any military item is acceptable.

-Anyone can add an item to the list, even if you have not purchased from us in the past.

-There is no fee to have an item listed, although we will usually charge a small finders fee to either the buyer or the seller to cover our administrative efforts.

-"WW-2 German Helmet" is not an acceptable item wanted. This is a general description on something that is commonly available.

-"SS Helmet" is not acceptable because everybody wants one. Same with M-35 DD, WW-1 camo, etc. The only exception to this rule is if you are willing to pay an excessive price to get one.. For example "want a nice SS Helmet, will pay handsomely for one"

-"Looking for a good deal on a...." is not acceptable. Everyone is looking for a good deal. We are trying to help you find rare items, not rare deals.

-If you are not ready to make a purchase please don't ask us to locate an item, it is too much hassle for us to have it wasted. Of course, we don't expect you to buy an item you don't like, or one that is unfairly priced.

-If we post your "item wanted", if you find one or change your mind please let us know so we can delete the listing.

If you are looking for an item that you would like to have added to our list please describe it in an e-mail



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