Our Policy page: Please read this page to understand how we work and how to have smooth transactions with us. Last updated 10/01/06

Contacting us: We try to answer all e-mail. We get so much that some gets overlooked. If we do not answer your e-mail within a few days please try again. If we say we will get back to you - and two weeks passes, assume we have forgotten and send us a reminder e-mail.

For best results choose a good title for your e-mail such as “Helmet #1453” or “helmet for sale” ect. Funny or indirect message titles sometimes cause a message to be blocked as spam.

If you wish to talk on the phone, we are happy to give you the phone number by e-mail, we don’t have it on the site because we don’t want it being put on the telemarketing lists etc.

Hate mail: We occasionally get mail from people who don’t approve of trading the relics of that era. The first sentence gives away the content so we don’t read beyond that. We just mark the senders e-mail address to be blocked and delete the message. We laugh about some these because obviously the person has spent a lot of time composing a lengthy message, but we’re done with it in 5 seconds.

We also block the e-mail of people that have proven themselves to be dishonest or otherwise bad. A person can be really dumb and we won’t hold it against them, but we have no forgiveness for dishonesty.


How to Buy:

If you wish to buy a helmet or other item send us an e-mail and include the item number from the item you wish to buy. Please do not send payment for a helmet until we have confirmed your purchase. When you agree to buy a helmet we mark it sold, but leave the listing in place for your comparison once you receive the helmet.
When you inquire on a helmet please let us know what country you live in so that we can tell you your postage cost and payment options.
When multiple people wish to buy a helmet we sell it to the person who's e-mail was sent first. If you ask questions about a helmet, that will not reserve it for you. It will only be reserved for you when you state that you wish to buy it. We will honor a conditional reservation. For example you might say: " If there are no spiders living in it, I'll take it". We would then check it for spiders and if there are none, reserve it for you. If there are spiders we would let you know that there are spiders in it, but it would not be reserved for you unless you follow up and ask us to.


All items ship from the USA. We ship most items within 24 hours of receiving payment. Items shipped to customers in the USA will arrive in 2-3 days. If a week has passed and you have not received your item, please contact us. For international buyers, contact us if you have not received it in 2 weeks. The longer you wait the harder it is to track your package. We have been fortunate and have never had a package get permanently lost in the mail. The very few problems we have had were delays around Christmas and a couple errors at our end.


Non-USA buyers: If you have concerns about customs and the taxes of your country we will try to help.
On customs forms we are very careful to be accurate enough on the content list so that nothing is seized, but we do not mention WW-2, german, nazi, etc. We learned a lesson on this when someone in Canadian customs vandalized some items, apparently because they did not approve of the contents of the package.


Authenticity guarantee & returns

All items we sell come with a 5 day unconditional return policy. This allows you to return an item if your wife gets really mad about it. However, You will loose the postage costs both directions, and any damage will be deducted from returns.

Our original items have a one year authenticity return policy. We put a time limit on this return policy due to the extreme record keeping required for accurate and honest support of longer guarantees.

If you have an authenticity or other question upon receiving the helmet, please contact us immediately, even if it is casual curiosity. If you have a concern or just for general piece of mind, you may take the helmet or send photos to anyone you wish for an evaluation. We can even provide you names of well known and respected dealers and collectors if you do not know any.

Please be aware that before a helmet can be returned as non-authentic we require specific information, such as credentials of the person who has dis-approved of the helmet and what is not authentic about the helmet. If there is a real problem with a helmet a qualified person will have not difficulty giving an exact description of the problem.

However, that is an un-necessary process because we are always willing to buy a helmet or other item back from you. If for any reason you no longer want the helmet or need money for something else, please e-mail us. If you know the original ID number we assigned to it, give us that number and tell us anything that is now different about the helmet. For additional information see the We buy helmets section.

Sending items or money to us:

Before shipping any item to us, please contact us for specific shipping instructions and a merchandise number to put on the label your package.

Before sending us money be sure that we are holding the item for you. We will always confirm it is being held for you.


Errors on listings:
The webmaster is not a militaria person so sometimes make some silly mistakes. General these are details from an old listing included in a new one, or titles switched around. We try to check all new postings, but invite you t
o tell us if we have an error of any type. If the description says something other then the photos show, check with us before assuming the listing is correct. So far we have never had a pricing error. However, we do reserve the right to not follow through on a sale that is incorrectly priced.


We do accept layaways. Layaways are handled on a case by case basis, requiring a deposit and a payment agreement that works for you as well as us. We do not accept layaways over 90 days in most cases. 30 days is the preferred layaway.
If you change you mind on a layaway your deposit is lost. We consider it “rent” for the time it way being held for you. But we are reasonable and honest, if you have paid $400 on a $500 item and need to cancel the deal, we are going to give most of it back to you. Additionally if you are a little late with your payment we do not charge extra or sell the item to someone else.

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