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We get a huge amount of e-mail and sometimes miss some. If we do not answer, please forgive us and send another message.

One of the things that has been loading up our e-mail is people asking our opinion on helmets that are on e-bay. We want to help people but here are some points that may help you before you contact us:

#1 there are no nice original helmets that get by the other collectors on e-bay. Remember, you are only one of 500 people who have looked at it. If it is running at a bargain price, take the hint.

#2 If you are not certain you know what you are doing then do not buy anything from outside the USA.

#3 The Fraud on sites like Gunbroker, E-pier, etc. is even worse then on e-bay.

If you do you are only making the problem worse by rewarding the con artist!


Contact us by e-mail at: We answer all e-mail as quickly as possible.

If you wish to talk to us on the phone e-mail us and ask for the phone number, we would be happy to talk to you. We prefer to not list it here to try to keep off telemarketing lists, etc.


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