We Buy German Helmets
German Helmets

We want to buy your German helmet. We will buy a single German helmet or whole collections, even collections that include other military items. We also buy US military items.

To get an evaluation of your helmet or other military item, please e-mail us by clicking the link below. If possible please include a photo of your helmet. After reviewing your information we will probably have additional questions and request specific photos so that we can give you an accurate evaluation of your helmet and make a fair purchase offer.

Veterans and veterans families: One of our members is especially interested in buying everything that was saved by you or your family member from WW-2. Along with the military items any originals or copies of personal letters or photographs of the US soldier and his friends and family. Sets like this are kept together to show the personal side of our "greatest generation".

Collectors: Since you know what you have and it’s value, please send a single photo of the outside and one of the inside, brief description, and the price you are seeking.

Click here and tell us about your helmet.

We feel strongly about these artifacts from a very important time in history. We individually maintain our personal collections and help other build a collection of these important pieces of history. World War Two changed the direction of the world. We must never forget the truths of those days.

Unfortunately this hobby has many folks who like to profit by deceiving others. Our policy is simple: If we think a person is trying to profit by willfully and intentionally misrepresenting the items he is trying to sell, we simply block that persons e-mail address at our server and receive no further e-mail from that person. If you are not certain if your item is original don't worry this does not apply to you.

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