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Waffenrock: Parade Uniforms of the German Army

By Ltc. (ret.) Timothy J. Curley & Neil G. Stewart

"The world's most beautiful uniform” is one contemporary description given to the Waffenrock. It was the most formal of the German Army uniforms, reserved for parades and ceremonial occasions. 87 examples of this important uniform are portrayed in beautiful, full-color professional photography…illustrating every branch-of-service Waffenfarbe for enlisted men, NCOs and officers. Included are rare uniforms such as worn by chaplains, Nebelwerfer smoke troops and the “Grossdeutschland” Regiment. Details of their insignia, interior markings and tailoring are covered for each uniform. Additionally, there are 300 crisp period photos showing the proper and improper wear of the Waffenrock. This massive “gem” of a publication comes in a beautiful, heavy-duty slipcase.

592 pages
large 8-1/2 x 11 format

1,140 photos, most in stunning color
deluxe binding with slipcase
7 pounds of pure enjoyment

Price: $115.00


Headgear of
Hitler's Germany
Vol. 4

by Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris with Stan Cook,
Otto Spronk & Jill Halcomb Smith

This volume continues the in-depth study of Third Reich political headgear and the documented and historical background showing their evolution from 1923 to 1945, as well as related insignia. Included in incredible detail are the General-SS, SS Special Purpose Troops, SS-Death's Head units and the Germanic-SS (Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark). The coverage continues in similar detail on the National Socialist Automobile Corps and the National Socialist Motor Corps with its numerous sub-units. The complex evolution of the insignia, the ranking and piping systems, the various organizational and school headgear styles, plus full documentation and detail-filled photos grace this large 512 page reference. Many are in full color.

512 pages
824 photos /illustrations
deluxe binding
Release date: January 31, 2006

Price: $58.00


headgear3.jpg (10156 bytes)

Headgear of Hitler's Germany
Volume 3
By Wilhelm P. B. R. Saris & Jill Halcomb Smith

After six years of rewriting because of incredible new information discovered in the former East Germany, we are proud to announce this massive volume on political headgear. The complexities of this subject are unraveled with dates of introduction, of insignia changes, and a historical background showing headgear evolution from the 1920s to 1945. Order now and enjoy a feast for the eyes with this third volume's hundreds of unpublished photographs. Of special significance is a 60 page full-color addendum for ease of recognition.
Price: $54.95


Grunt Gear: USMC Combat Infantry Equipment of WWII, Vol 1
Volume I

by Alec Tulkoff

The most definitive book on WWII Marine Corps combat uniforms and equipment has just been reprinted! This beautiful edition provides historical documentation of the development and manufacture of Marine Corps specific equipment including contractual information with quantities ordered. Also the latest information on Marine Corps knives and over 2,000 USMC specific rifle and submachine gun serial numbers.

336 pages
680 photos (most in color) - large format
deluxe binding

Price: $78.00


Leaders of the SS & German Police,
Volume I: Ahrens to Gutenberg

by Michael Miller

Himmler's general officers were a diverse and fascinating group of men, consisting of brillliant and not-so-brilliant military strategists, highly educated members of the legal and medical professions, and yes, mass murderers on a grand scale. This first volume provides detained biographical sketches and photos of 71 senior leaders of the SS and German Police. You will know promotion dates, every position held during their career, decorations received, postwar prosecution, and personal data like family, religion, etc. For the autograph collector examples of signatures are also provided.

498 pages
288 photos / 51illustrations
deluxe binding

Price: $48.00


Torpedo Los! The Fascinating World of U-Boat Collectibles
by Gordon Williamson

Submarine related memorabilia has always been popular with collectors and none more so than that relating to the U-Boats. This color-filled book covers everything worn and used by the U-Boat crews. Detailed chapters included are uniforms, headgear, cap ribbons, rank insignia, trade insignia, the U-Boat badge, gallantry and other awards, personal documentation, equipment, weapons, flags, the Kaiserliche Marine and the Bundesmarine.

416 pages
1,151 photos /illustrations (most in color) - large binding
deluxe binding
Release date: Mid-December, 2006

Price: $78.00


Uniforms, Organizations & History of the GERMAN POLICE
Volume I

by John R. Angolia and Hugh Page Taylor

The police played a vital role in the Third Reich, yet are a fascinating and complex subject that has inexplicably been ignored. This first volume of a multi-volume series on the subject changes all that. The combined talents of two leading experts in the field have created the ultimate reference. This history of the German police traces back to the mid-15th Century with particular attention given to the Weimar and Third Reich periods. You will now understand the police mind-set, organization and development, plus the evolution of uniforms in Nazi Germany. This first volume contains details of the essential June 1936 dress regulations. A day-to-day chronology of the part played by the police in the Third Reich is also given. All this is contained in 704 fact-packed pages. And all this encyclopedic coverage is found in just the first volume of the long awaited series!
At least two other fully illustrated volumes will follow, covering analytically and in great detail all aspects and branches of the police in Nazi Germany and her collaborationist allies, to include uniforms, insignia, flags, edged weapons and all other paraphernalia.

Price: $58.00


German Edged weapons

Seitengewehr: History of The German Bayonet 1919-1945
By George T. Wheeler
Excellent book for anyone interested in bayonets. Contains full information on Weimar and Nazi bayonets as well as their accompanying knots and frogs. This book illustrates re-issued German and foreign bayonets utilized by both the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht, and details the progression of newly manufactured bayonets produced after Hitler's rise to power. Photographs illustrate rarely seen bayonets worn by the Polizei, Reichsbahn, Postschutz, Hitler Jugend, and other civil and political organizations. German modified bayonets from Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Poland, and other occupied countries are pictured and described. A color photograph section sorts out the confusion clouding bayonet knots. This book clears up the controversy that surrounds the Justizbeamte, HJ and Feldjager Seitengewehre; and it shows how to detect fakes. Contains an up-to-date price guide which gives current valuation of various Imperial, Weimar, and Nazi bayonets.
320 pages - over 480 photos - deluxe binding
Price: $44.95



US Helmets world war one

Chris Armold
From the author of "Steel Pots: The History of America's Steel Combat Helmets" comes "Painted Steel: Steel Pots, Vol. II." This companion volume features detailed chapters on painted and unit marked helmets of WWI and WWII, plus a variety of divisional, regimental and subordinate markings. Special full-color plates detail subordinate unit markings such as the tactical markings used by the U.S. 2nd Division in WWI. In addition, insignia and specialty markings such as USN beach battalion, Army engineers, medics, MP and airborne division tactical markings are examined. For those interested in American armored forces, a complete chapter is devoted to the history of the U.S. tank and combat vehicle crewman's helmet from WWI to present. Other chapters provide tips on reproductions and fake representations of U.S. helmets and accessories. With over 1,000 photos and images (many in color), "Painted Steel" will be a prized addition to any collector's reference bookshelf.
384 pages - 1,053 photos (hundreds in color) - deluxe binding
Price: $57.95



German Belt Buckles

John R. Angolia

After numerous years of intensive research, this study is the most inclusive ever done on the subject. Manufacturing styles are explained, detailed obverse and reverse photos of every known buckle and their multiple varieties are shown, and the complex identification of brocade belts is covered in full color. All this is in a massive 656 page book with over 2,000 detailed photos. You will never need another book on belt buckles! Topics include: manufacturing techniques, information about all known manufacturers, an informative section about reproductions, and other important items.

656 pages - over 2,000 photos (all brocades in color) - deluxe binding
Price: $59.95



Russian Helmets of World War two

RUSSIAN HELMETS - from Kaska to Stalshlyem 1916 - 2001
Robert W. Clawson

This volume, written by the world's foremost authority on Russian combat helmets, is the first comprehensive study of the most ubiquitous helmets of the twentieth century. "Russian Helmets" provides the keys to accurate identification of the various models of Russian and Soviet helmets, from steel to exotic metals and composite fiber. It is a comprehensive history of each model issued in any significant number to the troops; in addition it notes numerous rare experimental models and evaluates their contrubution to the evolution of subsequent production models. Included are never before published photos of the various models as well as cutaway drawings and diagrams. This book provides a reliable comprehensive reference for every serious helmet collector or student of twentieth century warfare.

128 pages -161 photos (most in color) -deluxe binding
Price: $34.95


(A Russian Perspective)
By Vladimir B. Ulyanov

This book was originally published in Russia, under the title 'Buckles of Fascist Germany' in the year 2000, and has now been translated into English for the first time. Although the 'Berlin Wall' has been demolished for over ten years, there is still a clear divide between East and West, this is also true in the field of collecting Third Reich antiquities. Ulyanov is one of the first Russian writers specialising in the Third Reich era, and brings, in this publication, an interesting perspective to collecting Third Reich belt buckles. There are over 200 photographs of original and reproduction belt buckles, all sourced from within the Russian States included in this volume. Many of the photographs show magnified images of the buckles, enabling the reader to identify pertinant details relating to authenticity, and differences between reproductions and fakes.In regard to reproductions and fakes, extreme detail of the 'new generation' East Bloc fakes will come as a surprise to many collectors. The detail of every illustrated buckle, including the history of how and where it was obtained has been faithfully logged down in this book. Interestingly, many of the buckles were illegally 'excavated' from battle fields and grave sites. One chapter discusses the history of the so called 'black-diggers'; people who dig up and illegally remove artefacts from the aforementioned battle fields and grave sites. For the advanced collector, information and photographs of a hitherto unknown variation of the 'RMBO' prototype high leaders buckle will be of welcome interest. 130 pages on fine art paper, over 200 photographs. Laminated colour stiff card cover in English A4 size format
Price: $29.99



cuffbands.jpg (1856 bytes)

German Military Cuffbands
1784 to Present
By Gordon Williamson & Thomas McGuirl

This single volume provides the collector, uniformologist and military historian with an in-depth reference work covering every known German military cuffband worn from 1784 to present. A careful twining of history, unit involvement, and descriptive text will give the reader a firm grasp of the purpose and use of each cuffband and its historical context. Many never-before published photographs of the bands in wear are an added bonus. Cuffbands of the following formations are detailed: The Hanoverian Army, Freikorps, Heer, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine, Waffen-SS/SS-VT, Bundeswehr and the Nationale Volksarmee der DDR.
Price: $44.95


SS Steel
Kelly Hicks

The central issue regarding SS helmets is the huge number of fakes now on the market. SS Steel is intended to assist the collector in determining the fakes from the real thing. It provides information specific to their paint, decals and general characteristics. During full-scale production of the M-35 series of helmets, each of the five German helmet makers installed their own pattern of SS decal on helmets at the factory. This trend is evident in about 90 percent of M-35 specimens analyzed; 96 percent of M-40 and M-42 helmets. Examples of dozens of original helmets show clear evidence of this maker-to-decal correlation. For the first time, this relationship has been analyzed and presented. It will thwart the counterfeiters on a fundamental level. In addition to decal analysis, SS Steel explores the re-use and re-issue of helmets, due to supply shortages and other factors. Variations, unusual and rare helmets, and foreign volunteer SS helmets are also explored. Several helmets are presented with their documented history, showing how research can be conducted on helmets that bear the name of their former SS owner. A must-have book for serious collectors of helmets of Germanys Third Reich elite.

Price: Out of Stock/Out of print



Deutschland Erwache
The History and Development of the Nazi Party and the "Germany Awake" Standards
By Ulric of England

Nothing illustrates the pageantry demonstrated during the Third Reich period more vividly than the massed formations of "Deutschland Erwache" Standards. The author has researched this era for over 10 years and offers to you, the historian and collector, his in-depth findings on the early Nazi Party, its national heroes and the evolution of its flags and standards. From the first home-made swastika flag in 1920 to the symbology of the "Deutschland Erwache" Standards, all details of design construction and usage are presented.
Price: $54.95


German Military Timepieces of World War II, Volume 2
By The Ulric of England Research Unit
Covers details in the complex field of German military timepiece serial numbering allowing the collector/researcher to date a timepiece. Virtually every known German military timepiece is superbly displayed and clearly detailed. Further enhanced by various archive documents, detailed drawings and period photographs.
136 pages - over 150 photos - soft cover
Price: $39.99



fallschirm2.gif (10151 bytes)

Fallschirmjäger - Regiment 3
Volume 2
By Klaus J. Peters

Vol. 2 of this series continues the in depth photo study with bi-lingual text (English/German) of Fallschirmjäger - Rgt. 3 during its participation in the bloody Crete campaign, action at the Neva River (Russia), the 1st Battalion in Africa, the second mission in Russia, the jump on Sicily, the battle for Cassino and the final struggles in central and northern Italy. The unit's Knight's Cross and German Cross holders are listed and illustrated.
Price: $54.95


forman's1.jpg (9308 bytes)

Guide to the third Reich German Documents Volume 1
By Adrian Forman

After several years of intense research by Adrian Forman, Volume 1 of his "document price guide" is now available to compliment his popular 2nd Edition of "Forman's Guide to Third Rech German Awards...and Their Values." This heavily illustrated book not only shows certificates/documents for every award illustrated in the 2nd Edition, but also numerous variations and their current values. The many variants will show comparisons of official stamps and printing styles, and original or facsimile signatures in relation to date, plus, the many types of design and size. An absolute "must have" if your interest is Third Reich decorations!
Price: $44.95


forman's2.jpg (9017 bytes)

Guide to the third Reich German Documents Volume 2
By Adrian Forman

This second volume of the series continues the coverage of the 3rd Reich military documents and all politacal and civil documents from the Orders of the German Eagle through the Female Railway Staff Service Badge. As before, this work illustrates all the documents with numerous variations and their current values, and is designed to compliment the author's "Forman's Guide to Third Reich Awards...and Their Values" (2nd Ed.). A "must" showing comparisons of official stamps and sinatures!
Price: $44.95


German Badge Book

German Cross in Silver - Holders of the SS and Police
Mark Yerger

Among the most sought after and desired awards by collectors, the actual recipients of the German Cross in Silver have never been examined in detail. Now, for the first time, full biographical data and unpublished photo material is available for the SS and Police holders of this elusive award. The award itself is in full color, its recommendation process, and actual award documents are also included. Adding significantly to the biographical information are details of the unit assignments, posts and commands of the recipients. With the SS and Police remaining among the most sought-after information topics by both historians and collectors, this volume fills a significant void in the study of the Third Reich

208 pages -127 photos & documents -deluxe binding
Price: $34.95



intheserviceofthereich.jpg (11540 bytes)

In the Service of the Reich
Diplomatic & Government Officials/German Red Cross
By John R. Angolia

The first part of this book unravels the complexities of the uniforms and organization of the German Diplomatic and Government Officials. Various career levels are reflected by their piping, belts, insignia, etc. The second part details the uniforms, insignia, belt buckles, sidearms, awards plus flags and pennants of the German Red Cross. The specifics are based on the 1935 and 1938 regulations.
Price: $44.95


nskknsfk.jpg (11110 bytes)

Uniforms, Organization, and History of the NSKK/NSFK
By John R. Angolia & David Littlejohn
This work is part of the on-going study of political organizations that formed the structure of the Hitler hierarchy, and is authored by two of the most prominent authorities on the subject of uniforms and insignia of the Third Reich. This comprehensive book covers details on the NSKK and NSFK such as history, organization, uniforms, insignia, special insignia, flags and standards, gorgets, daggers, awards, "day badges," and much more!
Price: $44.95


postcards1.jpg (11969 bytes)

Postcards of Hitler's Germany
Volume 1
By Roger James Bender

A ten year study of Third Reich era postcards has resulted in a multiple volume series of which this is volume 1, covering the years 1923-1936. Three basic categories of postcards are chronologically covered: official issue, "printed to private order" for special events, and propaganda. These corful images depict a complex latticework of German culture and society. The basic cards are not only pictured, but all known variants are also listed or illustrated.
Price: $54.95


postcards2.jpg (12379 bytes)

Postcards of Hitler's Germany
Volume 2
By Roger James Bender

This second volume continues the in-depth study of Third Reich era postcards. The highly productive years of 1937-1939 are covered in three basic postcard categories: Official issues, "printed to private order" for special events, and propaganda. As with Volume 1, all known variations are illustrated, plus special stamps and cancellations. This collector-fiendly book contains hundreds of full-color postcards. Postcards are historical, attractive, and one of the last reasonably priced Third Reich them and buy them before they are out of the working man's reach. This series will be your guide.
Price: $54.95


Combat Helments of the Third Reich
Thomas Kibler
This comprehensive new study covers the full range of combat helmets used by the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS during World War II, featuring the detailed photographs you’ve asked to see! Forty-four helmets from several premier collections are featured in hundreds of highly detailed, full-color close-ups of decals, liners, rivets, chinstraps and buckles, interior markings and stamps, as well as photo comparisons of chinstrap, liner band, rivet and liner markings. M35, M40 & M42 double and single decal, camouflage, paratrooper, and more from the Army, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Police, and Waffen-SS are all included and shown in multiple views along with close-ups of each helmet’s unique features and markings. Beautiful graphics and numerous period photographs make this book a pleasure to look at. 96 pages of 338 superb interior and exterior helmet photographs in full color, along with 40 period photos. Soft cover
96 pages - 338 color photos - 40 period

Price: Out of Stock


German Iron Cross

IRON CROSS of 1939
Gordon Williamson

This extensive study, the result of many years of painstaking research, provides the collector and historian with an in-depth analysis of all grades of the 1939 issue of the most famous military decoration of all time. As well as covering all major variants of the Iron Cross itself, miniatures, presentation cases and award documents with many of their variants are also included. Special emphasis has been placed on the various manufacturers, to include their markings and the miniscule but unique die characteristics of their products.

As a special bonus, the German Cross in Gold and Honor Roll Clasps and the post-war 1957 versions of all of these awards are examined in detail.

496 pages -962 photos (many in color) -deluxe binding
Price: Out of Stock/Out of Print


steel-pots.jpg (9458 bytes)

Steel Pots
The History of America's Steel Combat Helmets
By Chris Armold

Packed with hundreds of color photographs, detailed specification diagrams and supported with meticulously researched data, this book takes the reader on a fascinating visual journey covering 80 years of American helmet design and development. From the classic Model 1917 "Doughboy" helmet to the distinctive ballistic "Kelvar" helmet, Steel Pots will introduce you to over 50 American helmet variations. Also, rare WWI experimental helmets to specialized WWII aircrew anti-flak helmets, plus liners, suspensions, chinstraps, camouflage covers, nets and even helmet radios!
Out of Stock


World War two US Helmets

THE M-1 HELMET: A History of the U.S. M-1 Helmet in World War II
Mark A. Reynosa

This new book presents over seven years of research into the history of the M-1 helmet during World War II, and provides the most comprehensive examination of its development and production. All aspects of M-1 helmet production are covered including: the helmet body, the fiber liner, the plastic liner, the parachutist helmet, helmet camouflage, helmet modifications, helmet paint schemes, and toy helmets. Every production helmet version is presented in full color photographs, including detail shots and production markings. Also included are World War II era photographs of the helmet samples, helmet production, and helmets worn in training or in action. This book a valuable reference to both historians and collectors.

112 pages - over 350 color and b/w photographs - hard cover
Price: $39.00







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