About Us
waffen SS helmet on soldier

This site is dedicated to collecting German Helmets from the period 1914 - 1945

Our site is very straight forward with the intent of serving all people interested in German Helmets.

Advanced collectors may spend very little time on most of the site, but regularly hit our "helmets for sale" page looking for particular helmets to add to their collection.

Beginning collectors will appreciate the details in our educational areas. We strive to be helpful to those who are trying to learn about the hobby and make good purchase decisions as they start their collection.

We offer no disclaimers or apologies for our hobby. We are proud to trade in the trophies of our fathers victory, the greatest victory of good over evil in modern times. We won't respond to any e-mail of a political or hateful nature. We'll just enter that persons e-mail address on the block list on our server and be done with their foolishness.

Nothing is more important to us than integrity. We will have no part in dis-honest dealings in either direction. Our policy is simple:

Part 1. We have an unconditional return policy and authenticity guarantee. Click here for our policy details.

Part 2. If we believe a person is knowingly misrepresenting the item he is offering to sell us, we simply block that persons e-mail address at our server and receive no further e-mail from that person.

Errors: We try to be accurate in our listings. however errors are possible, in part because each listing starts from the one previous so occasionally we have typographical errors such as a helmet being called an M-40 and an M-42 in the same listing. Please feel free to point out such errors so we can correct them. So far we have never had a pricing error, but we reserve the right to refuse any purchase request of items priced in error ($40.00 instead of $400.00 etc)

We sell some items on E-bay under the E-bay user ID of GermanHelmet-com. Please note that this is our only E-bay ID. Any other seller claiming be associated with this site is not telling the truth. The items we choose to sell on e-bay are typically items that are damaged, incomplete, small, etc. We will always put the good stuff here.


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