Case #1

We have been finding more victims with this little note. Apparently the scope of this fraud is pretty big. If you participate on any chat boards or go to military shows, help spread the word. We hope to get this case prosecuted and everyone's money refunded.

If you have been defrauded by Joe and Lisa Sullivan also know as e-bay sellers "kotchyalookin" or "JoeyFlags" of Chatham Massachusetts, please contact us and we will get your information to the authorities in this fraud investigation.

Joe Sullivan has also listed his city as Cape Code MA. last known e-mail address was . Joe sometimes goes by Joseph Sullivan.

This guy is pretty bold and a strong liar. He will try to build your confidence by giving you his cell phone number 408-265-5506. But don't fall for it. He "sells" military collectibles and vintage flags as far as we know. Who knows what else he may be into.

This latest information on this case is that the couple is divorced. Joe Sullivan is still doing the old tricks, he is still in Massachusetts but not in Chatham, we believe he uses other names perhaps those of friends or relatives, so beware! We have not heard of Lisa since. If she is doing it apparently it is not in the military field. We are still trying to get the case prosecuted and everyone paid back. But Massachusetts is not tough on crime, so hang in there with us.


Case #2

This is not really a case, just a string of the same old rip-offs. Folks, Please quite buying SS and camo helmets from people you met on the internet! We get tons of these inquiries, and they have all been fake so far. European fakers target american buyers because they know there is nothing you can do about it once you have received it.

Here is what frustrates us: We recently had a person inquire about a helmet he was thinking of buying. it was a fake SS. We told him not to buy, he then asked for an explanation why he shouldn't. He next said the seller assured him we were wrong and he asked us if we were sure. Then a week later he asked if we were absolutely sure or if we could have made a mistake! If he asks one more time I'm going to offer him a good deal on Hitler's dentures!

There are no good deals remaining on WW-2 items !!!! Everyone knows they are worth money. stop supporting con artists!