Consignment 032: German helmet

This is an original WW-2 German helmet. It is a large size 68 shell. Helmet is marked clk68 and 4781 Helmet has original paint and original liner. The decal is an original decal that was applied later. The helmet was issued without a decal and was brought home by the US vet without a decal. The vet later found an original decal and put in on this helmet. The paper backing from the decal comes with the helmet and is shown in photo #2.

A note on such decals: unused original decals are not hard to find. However they do not add value to an original helmet. Most of those decals are to fragile now and will break apart when being applied. So a poor looking application of a decal will lower the value of the helmet and loose the cost of the decal.. So don't try it. This one was done several years ago so doesn't look too bad.


This helmet is a consignment and is in our possession for immediate shipment.

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