4344: Very Large WW-2 German Flag

This is a flag we have sold previously We recently got it back in trade on another item. Below is the content from the original listing. Customer kept it carefully baged and stored so conditioin is exactly the same.

This is a very large WW-2 German flag. Size is approximately 5 meters by 5 meters (16 feet by 16 feet). We were forced to hurry taking the photos. Due to the size of the flag we had to lay it on the ground and take them from a 2nd floor balcony. To do this I had to go to the home of a friend who made me hurry so the neighbors would not see.

The wrinkles on the right side of the photo are from the wind. Flag has some small holes and a couple places with larger holes in the red and black see photo 2. But over all in good strong condition. Due to the size of the flag there are 4 points to attach the flag to the pole. Each of these points are reinforced with leather see photo 3. The corner that appears to be brighter red, I do not know if this means something such as top or bottom. I noticed that when we put it out, but don't think it is as obvious as the camera makes it appear. There are no maker marks on the flag.
As always guaranteed 100% original.

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