4295: Hitler Youth Armbands

We recently bought some estate items including a number of Hitler youth armbands. They are unissued and have the RZM paper tag. As always guaranteed 100% original.

We are able to offer these at a very good price.

$60.00 each for the nice ones
$50.00 each for armbands missing the paper tag, with stains, etc. Photos #2 is shows the biggest stain of any in the group, so you can expect better thien that one.

As with all of our items that are in quantity when you make a purchase you get the best available at the time of your purchase, so better to be first then last, although these are all excellent.

e-mail us for more information or to purchase this item. Please include the item number in your e-mail.

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If you choose a $50 armband it will look better then the armband below. It is the worst one in the group.






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