4243: WW-2 German Banner with GI writing

This is a very interesting banner. It chronics the GI's time in the US Army. Begins at Camp Maxey Texas goes through all of the locations stateside and in England then through France, Belgium, and Germany. Every city he was in is noted here. The highlights include including the Ardens breakthough Dec 16-17-18 1944, He entered Germany march 2 1945, Crossed the Rhine 13 March 1945, Ruhr pocket April 3-16, and noted he was in Schweinurt Germany on VE-day. Banner is two sided, but all of the writing in on one side.

He was in the First Army November 44 through April 18 1945 then transferred to the 3rd army. The entries were most likely all done at once at the end of the war. It was done with a quill type pen, not a ball point (Ball point was invented about 1943 and scarce in WW-2). The only thing missing is his name. Of course he knew who he was and so did his family, he didn't plan this far ahead and put him name for me and you.

Banner over all in in very good condition with good hems at each end. Measures over 12 feet by 46 inches.

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