4234: WW-2 German Vehicle ID Flag

This is a vehicle ID flag. Tied to the top of German vehicles to identify themselves to the Luftwaffe. It is single sided because of it's intended use. It has a grommet at each of the four corners to tie it to the vehicle. Of course this was more of an early war practice, as The allies owned the air following D-day. The red is two pieces with a seam down the middle. White piece is sewn to the red, swastika is printed onto the white. The black is faded, probably from being cleaned at some point. The black was printed on the white with an ink or paint-like substance. Our speculation is that in cleaning the flag at some point much of this black ink/paint was lifted from the cloth. Flag also has a couple of holes as seen in the photos. size is 27" by 35" Guaranteed 100% original.

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