4092: WW-2 German Belt Buckles

Here are six original WW-2 German belt buckles. Price is $60.00 per buckle, buy one or all. When inquiring specify the buckle by it's individual number (for example: 4092-3)

*Buckle #1 & 2 are Luftwaffe, #3 is Police, 4 & 5 are army, #6 is Hitler Youth.

* #1 & #5 are "two Piece" buckles, you can see the emblem plate clips into the body of the buckle.

* The army and luftwaffe buckles are aluminum, the Police is steel, The Hitler youth is nickel plated steel.

For your information Gott Mit Uns means "God with us". This will sometimes open up some debate on religion. After some casual discussion on the subject a collector friend of ours said it best when he said "I suppose God was "with" them, he just didn't particularly take their side..."

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