1532: WW-II German Army helmet

This is an original WW-2 German Army helmet. Is is an M42 single decal. The decal was painted over for improved camouflage, but with time much of that has peeled away exposing the decal once again. I will clarify that the paint was not removed on purpose, it was natural loss. the rust behind the decal area show slightly cleaner then the rest of the helmet. Apparently trying to minimize the appearance of the rust. The dark spot on top of the helmet is wax dripped from a candle. You can confirm this with your finger nail. notice a damage spot on the liner. The chinstrap has not been removed from the brim of the helmet in many years. the chinstrap is full length and tucked into the liner. Aside from some minor cleaning the helmet is untampered with and is 100% original. Number on the shell are hk64 and 1938

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