1516: US WW-2 M-1 Fixed Bail Helmet with Hawley Liner

This is an original WW-2 US helmet. It is a rare helmet dueto the Liner being a very early style made by hawley. This liner was basically a sample submitted for style to fit the M-1 shell. The liner was ordered on the spot, but due to the paper base it did not hold up well in use and not a lot of them survived. The helmet is a fixed bail, meaning it was one of the first ones. It was discovered that the chinstrap bracket (bail) was subject to breaking if dropped right, so it was changed to a bracket that moved, know as a swivel bail. Other traits that you expect to see on this early style is the front seam of the edging, the sewn on chinstrap that is more tan then green, and the brass chinstrap buckle.

This helmet is 100% original and is as purchased from the vet family. There is no info on the vet. He was a dentist after the war but not clear if was a dentist during the war, if he was, that would explain why the liner survived so well. The family was uninterested in this part of the mans life.

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