1461: M18 Transitional German Army Helmet

This is an original WW-2 German helmet. Completely unmessed with. It is a WW-1 helmet that was reused for WW-2.. I was twice issued in WW-2. First with apple green and probably double decal, although the later coat of paint does not give a hint as to what lies beneath. It was repainted by brush with war-time textured paint and a new decal applied. Apple green paint peeks though in a few places. Liner is early aluminum style, and has never been removed, pins are untampered with. Helmet size is 62 liner is 55. Ink stamp on the rear skirt says 62 over 53-54, but the correct liner size is 55 both by measuring and with a flashlight you ca nsee 55 on the liner band (no pulling necessary to read it, we never pull on liner bands to read them, this bends the liner band and is not worth it)

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