1441: German Single Decal Army Helmet

This is an original World War 2 M-40 German Army helmet with single decal. Helmet has original liner, The liner is in excellent condition. The appearance of the liner is a reasonable match for the helmet however the pins have been tampered with, either to tighten or take the liner out.
We bought some helmets from a person who liked to tighten pins and switch liners to suit his preferences, he also liked to clean them up. So we have a few in a row here that aren't the unmessed with look that some collectors like to see, but on the upside they all have nice decals.

This helmet was also cleaned and worked over with oil because of the surface rust spots.

Like most of the helmets we got from this guy it has a great decal. There is some lacquer outside the area of the decal don't confuse this with the how reproduction decals have a clear edge as part of the decal.

Shell is marked Q64 and DN78. As always guaranteed 100% original

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