1416: Beaded M-40 Luftschutz Helmet

This is an original M-40 German Luftshutz helmet. Textbook example: beaded, light duty liner, smooth paint and front decal. Helmet has not been messed with, although the liner has some pull throughs, there is no liner string. Chin strap has a couple of places that are waiting for a good excuse to break. Numbers are EF66 and 10288. Guaranteed 100% original and correct.

New Info: A young holiday guest broke the chinstrap. The childs father insisted on having it repaired. We normally don't like repairs, but in this case the father felt really bad and the helmet is not very expensive so we let him take to a shoe repair shop.

It actually came out very well. there is a leather splice near the band on the long end. You really don't notice unless you fold the chinstrap back. The repair was done with leather glue which remains flexible and is not visible on the good side of the strap. The photo of the inside of the helmet has been updated to show it in it's current condition and the price has been reduced.

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