1412: M-40 German Luftwaffe helmet

This is an original M-40 Luftwaffe helmet. We will give a lesson with this helmet.. In our other listings you will commonly see the term "unmessed with" which is self explanatory. This helmet has been messed with and it is important to see the result. We did not see the helmet before it was messed with but are very certain it was not a bad looking helmet.

Here is what someone did to this helmet. To get rid of the rust specs they used very finer steel wool, this gives the helmet a shiny look and has taken detail from the decal. You can see where they worked around the decal and the area now has surface rust where they went through the paint. The liner has some pieces flaking from it so when it was bathed in leather treatment where the surface was flaking or cracking it looks much darker then the areas where the original smooth surface remains. They also removed the liner to get all the dirt cleaned out from under the liner band. The result for all of this persons work..? they cut the value in half.. Nice move Gomer! So the moral of the story is do not try to make improvements to any helmet!!!

Now I suppose we talked everyone out of buying the helmet haven't we? Well, It is completely original and the price is low. So decide based on the photos and price not the lecture above. Numbers are ET66 and 5701.

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