1379: Original M-40 Waffen SS Helmet

Nice 100% original WW-2 M-40 German Waffen SS Helmet. This helmet is in excellent shape, it has never been messed with or cleaned. Liner has never been removed. Marked Q66 and 2331. Fantastic original Waffen SS Helmet.

Tip: If you look at these photos and are not at least 90% certain it is authentic, you should not buy any SS helmet without first buying and studying the book "SS Steel, Parade & combat helmets of Germany's Third Reich elite" by Kelly Hicks. Which is available in our books section. The book is $39.95, and can save you from loosing hundreds or thousands of dollars on fake waffen SS helmets. In case you aren't aware of this fact, more than 99% of the SS helmets in the world today are fakes. most are pretty easy to tell, but some are pretty good. We get photos e-mailed to us almost daily of SS helmet that people have purchased believing they are real, and we have to tell them the bad news. Do your homework before buying an SS Helmet!

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