1335: Unissued German Luftwaffe Helmet

This is a very late war M-42 Luftwaffe helmet. It is rare to fine a Luftwaffe helmet with no decal. This helmet was probably made right before the war ended. Its condition would indicate it was never used in combat. Paint coverage is 99%. Texture is very definite. The condition of this helmet would indicate that the soldier who brought it home stored it in a closet, rather than the more harsh environments of an attic or basement. The helmet has excellent color indicating it was wrapped and/or boxed and not handled or exposed to open air where oils and other contaminants could cling to it and darken the color.

The leather is in excellent shape, except for the few marks visible in the photo. Tie string is not tied and appears to have not been tied in the last 60 years, if ever. Chinstrap is perfect.

Numbers are difficult to read, but shell size is 66 and liner is 59.

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