1329: Original M-42 German Helmet

This is a nice M-42 with the exception of the pencil drawn swastikas on each side of the helmet. We tested a small area with a pencil eraser and decided to leave it as is. Our general policy is to not attempt improvements, repairs, or otherwise alter the condition of a helmet. In this case we were concerned that the eraser was not lifting the mark adequately and there was risk of the eraser leaving marks of it’s own.
The paint still retains a large amount of it’s original texture.

The liner is original to the helmet and has never been removed. Two of the pins are tight, the third can be moved a small amount. The leather is somewhat stiff and has one small tear from a finger hole to the nearby edge. It looks good, but should be considered somewhat fragile, meaning: don’t wear it.

Markings are CKL64 and 4881


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