C031: Kriegsmarine Camo Helmet

This is an original M-40 German Helmet. Decal is Kreigsmarine. It is a true Kreigsmarine not a toned army decal. We have struggled to identify the camo. The best guess we have is that it was white washed and over time the whitewash has turned towards brown. A quick note on "whitewash" it's not the same thing as white paint. Whitewash is meant to be temporary and there are many formulations for it, all are simple and cheap. Helmets that were whitewashed were expected to be cleaned of thier whitewash in the spring... one possiblitiy is that this whitewash did not come off so easy, or perhaps was captured before spring. We do not guarantee the whitewash theory, but we do guarantee it is 100% original per the terms of our consignment sales that you read on the previous page.

Numbers are Q62 and 1156

This helmet is in our possession and available for immediate shipment

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