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If you want to buy or sell an original German Helmet you are in the right place!

We are dedicated to buying and selling German Helmets with the highest standards of integrity. We feel this hobby is an important way of showing respect to the legacy of the men who sacrificed so much to keep the world free. When they came home they brought with them trophies of their victory. German helmets and other such trophies will serve as a reminder of lessons learn. Those of us who trade these trophies will never forget.

German is also a great resource for German helmet information. Please browse our information areas. There is a whole industry of faking German helmets, fixing them up to appear original and valuable. When you buy a helmet from a stranger it can be much like three card monte.

Online auctions are not the only places flooded with fakes, they are everywhere. Before making that purchase visit our "About Helmets" section and start to educate yourself about German Helmets. We are always happy to give you an honest evaluation, preferably before you lay down your hard earned money. Remember if you get tricked into buying a fake German helmet you are supporting fakery and have become part of the problem.


German Waffen SS Helmet German Luftwaffe Helmet WW-2 German Army Helmet
Waffen SS Helmet
German Luftwaffe Helmet
German Army helmet


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